Brandino's picture of Aretha Franklin at the White House

Brandino  with President Clinton

Brandino in in the early days with his 63 Fender Bass
Brandino with his 1959 Fender Precision Bass at Sol Betnum's
Brandino in in the early days with his 63 Fender Bass Part 2.
Brandino with Hans Peter of Warwick Basses

Brandino with Michael Brown of Warwick and Traa Daniels of P.O.D
Brandino with New Recording Artist "Chantele " in the Studio

Brandino and Chantele with Levy's Bass Straps

Brandino and Chantele with the SWR MOBASS Amp
Brandino and Chantele with the Warwick Steamer Bass
Brandino and Chantele with D'Addario Prism Strings
Chantele with the New JP-2 Jazz Bass from G&L
Brandino with long time friends Sinbad & Ray Bailey
Brandino with long time Bass Legend Ray Brown

Brandino with long time friend and  Broadway Star Legend Ben Vereen
Brandino's Birthday Overview
Brandino with his mother Evelyn Josephine Brandon
The Original Sunday Morning Band
Namm Show 2003 Brandino & Ndugu Chandler
Namm Show 2003  Brandino with Wayne Vaughn & Friends
Namm Show 2003 Brandino with RomeoWilliams & Bennie Maupin
Namm  Show 2003 Brandino with the Warwick Bass Family
Namm Show 2003 Brandino with Levy's Leather
Namm Show  2003 Brandino with Chuck Rainey & SWR President
The Brandino Portrait by Michael Cunningham
Brandino 2003 Player magazine
Brandino Namm Show 2004 Levys Picture
Namm Show 2004 Jennifer Aroyyo with Brandino
Namm Show  2004 Paul Jackson Jr and JP Cervoni
Brandino's Bass for the " OUTKAST "   Album of the Year  2004
The Brandino Bass redesigned model 2004